Residential & Commercial Cleaning servicing RI, and MA.

About Our Company

We are so much more than just cleaning:

Our approach to facility care is very different from other cleaning companies. Most of our clients have been with us long term, many over twenty years. When we provide our commercial cleaning services to your facility you become one of our partners in our corporate family. Our goal is to work with you as a partner in the cleanliness, wellbeing and healthiness of your facility. We become part of your staff, not just a subcontractor. This all contributes to that all important better image of your facility. A clean and healthy environment for your personnel means healthier, happier personnel, which translates to better performance. We can only look good if you look good. When we are on your staff we can help with suggestions about products you may consider in construction of new areas or replacement of such products as flooring and wall materials. Placement of closets and cleaning supplies, sinks, etc. all have potential to either result in a great cost savings or substantial additional costs. We can help in “GOING GREEN” by helping you maintain your recycling program. We can also suggest certified green products or sustainable products used in bathrooms, cafeterias and other areas. It can be amazing how much help we can offer as a corporate partner. We have been providing commercial cleaning services to many types of facilities in RI and MA since 1989 and our experiences in many areas can often be of great help to you.

A major difference

We do not maintain facilities with roving cleaning crews. We assign specific employees or teams of employees to each facility. That means the same people will maintain your facility on a regular bases. Our experience has shown this to be far superior to using roving crews. The employees doing the job know the facility well and how to best get the job done. Our people take pride in the job they are doing and how well they keep “their” facility clean. When people are given the opportunity to show pride in their work it gives them a sense of accomplishment, which makes us all happy. As a result we tend to keep employees longer than the average. This in turn means a higher level of performance and results.

We also insist that all employees spend all the time they are assigned at a facility, performing the contracted specifications and doing whatever can be done to keep the facility in top form. We do not pay employees by the job and let them leave whenever they feel they are done. All employees are assigned their time and responsibilities and are expected to punch in and out of “their” facility using a specified on site phone and our computerized call in system. This system records the time in and out, recognizes the employees voice, employee number and the facility phone number. This ensures that the proper time is being put into every job. For the employee it ensures they will get paid for any extra time they may have to stay, due to extra work requested or caused by foul weather, etc.

All of our accounts are checked for compliance to specifications and quality on a regular bases. The frequency is determined by many factors including on site supervision, frequency of service, amount and scope of specifications, etc. We hold all of our personnel and the duties they perform to high professional standards. We really do mean it when we say our company motto is:

No one works harder to keep you satisfied

BP's Corporate Cleaning offers commercial cleaning services to facilities in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Contact us today for more information.