Residential & Commercial Cleaning servicing RI, and MA.

Office, Condominium & Facility Care

We service all manner of accounts including banks, schools, small individual offices and companies, large office buildings, condominiums and manufacturing facilities

We have well over twenty-seven years of experience in servicing Rhode Island ( RI ) and Massachusetts ( MA ) commercial and industrial accounts both large and small. Each account, regardless of size, is considered very important to us. Each facility is fully evaluated so we can customize our many services to fill your needs and budget.

We service all manner of accounts including banks, schools, small individual offices and companies, large office buildings, condominiums and manufacturing facilities. Each one of these very different types of accounts needs different cleaning services and should be approached individually. From making sure the lobby of an office or medical building looks it’s best to the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of a ware house or manufacturing floor, from mechanical maintenance to Condo unit or apartment turnover, to cleaning of common areas. With the knowledge of your needs and the experience of our staff we can put together the best, most efficient and cost effective program possible to maintain your business at a high standard.

In most cases we can save you money in maintaining your facility or office in Rhode Island ( RI ) and Massachusetts ( MA ), while actually improving the overall cleanliness and appearance of an account. One of the major differences with BP's Corporate Cleaning Co., Inc. is that we do not try to take shortcuts with an account as time goes on. We do, however constantly look for ways to improve our services to you as time goes on. The effect of this over time is evident in the betterment of our service to you. That is just one reason our accounts tend to stay with us long term. We differ also in our response to your concerns and any difficulties that may arise over time. We set up a direct line of communication between you and the home office, a manager and the owner. In this way we can immediately address any request you might have or issues of concern. Lastly, we make sure our cleaning personnel are properly supervised to assure a high standard of quality. We take great pride in our work and enjoy customizing our services to fit your individual needs. We look forward to offering you our facility and office cleaning services and expertise.

Sometimes a company has their own in-house staff that maintains the facility. Their only needs are for some of our specialty services such as carpet cleaning, window washing, hard floor care, etc. We are happy to provide these services whenever they are needed. It does not matter if you have an in-house staff or another contract cleaner. We can provide you with the services you need.

When we approach the cleaning of you facility, most clients prefer us to implement our “CLEANING FOR HEALTH PROGRAM”. This means we will only use “GREEN” certified products whenever possible. We use disinfecting cleaners whenever possible and we generally look for areas that should be kept germ free such as rest rooms, water fountains and touch points. We also work to keep VOC’s to a minimum or non-existent, thus promoting healthy indoor air quality. We have even worked with school officials to keep illness and absenteeism way down in years when other school systems had been experiencing high rates of absenteeism. Programs of this sort are often most effective when we work as a team with our clientele to accomplish the desired goals.

Maintenance Services

We offer mechanical maintenance and maintenance call service, for our cleaning clients to help you in the day by day, or emergency upkeep of your facility. Read more...